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This is a show that will take your soul on a vacation.

Your soul is made up of your swag, emotions, personality and it’s even considered your decision maker. This podcast will gift your decision maker with topics on confidence with a twist and purpose-filled living.

We will discuss how the soul affects everything from becoming successful, leaving a toxic situationship, becoming whole and maximizing your unique gifts. If you want to listen to how to apply these proven methods to your life tune here every MONDAY on the SoulKation Podcast.

I guarantee you will enjoy it.

The SoulKation Tribe Is Saying


This podcast is great!!! It reaching out to all ethnic groups and ages of women. I highly recommend you give it a listen, even you men out there. #soulkation


"l Love It"

I love this podcast!!! So grateful for Logan and the topics that she covers on this Podcast!! All of her guests are so knowledgeable and they cover topics that are so relatable for individuals who are in a period of transition 😃 I’m definitely a Fan and I’m anxious for more great content.

--Kayla Strong

"Blesses my life every time"
 Logan Rena, I truly support this move toward pursuing your purpose! All of the podcasts have blessed me! I am tuned in and my friends are too! Love you!!!

-Jillian Hardy